Do you think I had a right to tell my sister that she was being a biznitch?


I wanted to go get some things from the grocery store and my sister was like «oh come pick me up before you go cause I’m bored and need to do something». So, I went and picked her up.

While we were there we saw this chunky girl with a broken arm. This girl kept looking at us the entire time, like serious staring. My sister in a really loud voice goes and says «WTH is that broken muffin top staring at». I was like «OMG, I can’t believe you just said that». The girl heard her and everything.

On the way home she was still acting stupid. At a red light we stopped next to a not so attractive old man. She looked over at him and was like «ewwwww what a scary ugly boater he is» and the guy did nothing wrong. Like it’s a freakin crime to be ugly.

Yet, again at another red light we stopped at she made another rude comment. There was this woman in the car next to us who had her hair in a messy bun. Both our cars had the windows rolled down. My sister looked at her and burst out into laughter and was like «Wow, what pretty hair». The lady in the car heard her and took her hair out of the bun and started fingering through it trying to fix it.

Finally I had enough so I was like «WTF, I had no clue you were such a huge biznitch». She got mad at me and told me I was out of line. Don’t you think I had more than enough reason to say it?


To be honest I don’t see your behavior as wrong at all. She was being obnoxious and you had the right to call her on it. You weren’t as tactful as you could’ve been but you’re her sister and after being so thoroughly embarrassed, such is understandable.

It sounds to me like your sister needs to learn some self-control, if anything, she was the one out of line the whole way through your outing. I’d have told her flat out if she acted like that again, or continued to act out like that, I would not be picking her up again to go out shopping, etc. with.


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