WoW, whats better Knight or Paladin?


im considering starting a Wow account, and i the classes that fit what i like are kinght and paladin

so can u list the differences and waht they are good (and bad) at?


There is no knight class in World of Warcraft, you may mean the Death knight or the Warrior class.

Allow me to clarify.

Paladins- Can be tanks, healers and damage dealers.

Tank spec is protection and it excels and multi target threat control.

Holy spec is the healing spec and is the best single target healing spec in the game, delivers huge crits and is great for healing main tanks.

Retribution spec is the damage dealing spec, this spec is great for burst damage and is can be good for either raiding or PvP , the main deal for ret spec is to have a good weapon, all your damage spells scale with your weapon damage, so if you have a choice for a new piece of armor or a new weapon, the weapon will increase your DPS.

Deaht knights- Death knights can tank and dps, they follow the trees of Blood, Unholy, and Frost. Each spec cank tank just like each can DPS, Death knights can summon ghouls to aid them regardless of spec but certain specs make the ghoul stronger.

Death Knight tanking is a bit more different than paladin and warrior tanking due to the fact that Death knights do not use shields. They depend more heavily on their Cooldown abilities and have reduced cooldown times on those abilities as a result. Good for boss fights that need a tank able to take huge amounts of damage.

Their DPS can also be very good, they are a melee class with some ranged capabilities, making them very versatile.

Warriors- Can be tanks and damage dealers.

Warriors are some of the most versatile tanks, good for just about anything. They have the potential to have the highest avoidance of all plate tanking classes. Their Prot spec has some very nice Shield Block focuses that allows their blocking ability to be more effective than anyone elses.

As DPS they have two trees to go into, either Fury or Arms, arms focuses on the mastery of weapons and making attacks more effective and gives you specific attacks for certain situations.

Fury allows you do dual wield two-handed weapons, and is very good at generating rage and attacking quickly. The most popular raiding spec atm.

All of these classes are not exactly bad at something, the game is designed so that all are equal at all tasks in the basest form, but for certain tasks a certain type of tank or DPS will excel.

Have been playing long enough to know these things off the top of my head.


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