Question for American peeps.?


Whenever I speak to a person from the US, they say «oh wow, you’re British!» Then they invariably say «are you from London, England?» As if, «London, England» is the actual name of the place *grins*

My question — do any of you guys know other cities in England? Do you know of say Leeds, or Birmingham, Liverpool or my home town, Manchester? do you know what a Manc person sounds like?

Do you guys like the London / Cockney accents? Or perhaps the Manc accent? This is not me, but it’s a great Manc accent:…

He sounds like he originates from Burnage in Manchester, haha, and sounds like sometihng out of Oasis.


I don’t want to speak for all Americans, but judging from some of my contemporaries, I’m amazed they can even identify London.

That said, I was aware of Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Bristol and York. (Though I’m not sure I know much about these towns beyond Liverpool being the home of the Beatles and Manchester home of Manchester United)

I think most American’s can identify Cockney accents vs. what we traditionally recognize as a British accent. The Manc accent is a new one on me however.


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