Why would my nieces and nephew want to stay where they lived?


well my sister got married to a guy she knew for two weeks they have been married for six years most of the time she was married i could not talk to her because she had no phone. when i called her she said her husband mom was paying her light bill, she went through a program that was paying her light bill, this year and last year she had no water, her water was cut off for six months at one time , well she ask can she come live with me because she was tired of her husband not because of the bills because he was a momma boy he always talked to his mom about there problems and she was tired of his ex wife and his kids , her kids had no beds because my sister threw them away becuae she said they would not keep the room clean , they also had to clean up several times a day until the house was spotless, my sister ggets 900 a month from public assistance and ssi and her rent was 700 a month when i called she said her husband was at work but sometimes things were slow they did not have to buy food because she recieves 900 in food stamps, she never complains about the money she said she paid the rent and he paid the rest of the bills but she had no cable phone , and most of the time the water and lights were off or paid by other people. but her kids want to go go home why when i picked them up the light were hooked up to the neighbor lights and i dont think they had water , i ask the kids what do they do when they did not have water they said use wipes wow why do they want to go home, i dont have a big beautiful house but i have four extra bedroom and i am very very nice. i have plenty of beds and they sleep on the beds . they love there step dad and they talk about him like he is god , one of my nieces says she was gonna steal from me to go home , they are 10,11,12,and 15

Additional Details

why wont she accept that he didn’t pay the bills

this is not the sixty the ssi office dont come to your house and the aid office dont come to your house and the only person who can call the office is you

they stayed in a house who would know if your your house lights are not on , if your your light got shut off know the only person who would know is the light people and who ever came and saw it and my sister dont talk to many people and i saw it with my own eyes the lights and the kids and she told me about the water why would the kids lie and

when i say public assistance i mean cash cash and food stamps


I know it may be difficult to understand, but you can’t break a bond between children and their parents. And from what it sounds like, they seem to be somewhat alright. There’s no abuse going on, right? Yeah they live in rough conditions, but as long as they food in their stomachs, clothes on their back, and parents who love them, they’ll be alright. Trust me, I really do understand why its so confusing why they would choose such difficult conditions over the nice ones at your place, but your sister and her husband are their family, and no matter how rough times get, families stick together. Don’t focus so much on trying to find reasons to get those kids to hate their dad. Try and help them piece together their lives. Good luck!


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