A question about HotShot refrigerant?


Hotshot is supposed to be an environment friendly replacement gas.

Supposedly it works for all types of equipment. recently I asked how much a jug of R22 was from my supplier. WOW $200 bucks. Hot shot was not much more than that a few years back. What is in hot shot? Has the price went down? Does anyone know if MP44 is hotshot? I personally do not think anyone with the product knowledge will reply but any answer is welcome. The kind of questions I ask just do not get answered for some reason.


I think you probably know the following, I’m not a «hotshot» about refrigerants or the environment.

Hotshot can be used in place of R12. Not R22.

If you check its claims, One Shot®(C) (R-422C) is the ideal replacement for R-22 in refrigeration applications.


I don’t know about MP44, the above link doesn’t respond to queries about MP44.

Since HotShot replaces R12 (R22 is R12 with one chlorine atom changed to a hydrogen == weaker bond, so lower breakdown, lower ozone depl, etc), if it is much cheaper than your jug of R22 I’d guess that’s the reason.


If HotShot is supposed to be environment friendly, they must not think that weaker bond is very significant. The fact it doesn’t replace systems with R22 may just be that R22 is a much higher pressure refrigerant than R12.



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