Looking for an Amazing gift for my guy…?


My boyfriend and I have been dating for just about 4 years. We’re still crazy about eachother! This year we had a lot of nonsense (job changes, time management, family issues) happen, but also a lot of GREAT things happen! It really proved to me how much I love this man.

Anyway…Our 4 year anniversary is approaching and he also just received a job promotion, so I wanted to make this year extra special. I wanted some input as to what I can do to make it extra special…

Here’s some things…

He’s a huge metallica / slayer metal fan (but i already got him GA tickets for the concert coming up)

He loves video games (Halo, RPG’s, 1st person shooters, WOW, etc)

He loves card games: Magic the Gathering

He enjoys a good comic

He loves DBZ

He loves gaming/ and ALLL electronics

He LOVES horror movies (esp Fri. 13th) (but i also already got him a jason mask signed by Kane Hodder)

He loves Zombies

He enjoys anime, cartoons

He loves when we go out to fancy shmancy dinner’s

We have a dog (which is his ultimate best friend hah)

He loves fishing/relaxing/vacations

He’s the hardest individual to shop for clothes for

Im stumped and I dont know what to get him/ do for our anniversary… I really REALLY wanted to make it super special this year… If anyone hasANY ideas please let me know im truly at a loss this time!!

(PS dont say boring like get him a video game or get him socks… I want a MEMORABLE awesome idea here!! haha

Thanks in advance!!!! I reallllly appreciate it!!

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get him a shirt that he can wear to the concert. this is boring yet he’ll appreciate it very much. do something funny that he will remember. like if there is a certain team that he doesn’t like or something get something that relates to it.make some of his favorite foods and go take a picnic while fishing. and play a game of cards while fishing. it seems mushy and cheesy but im sure you both will enjoy it. hope its fun and you all love it.


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