How come people think that when people skate, they do tricks?


I started skating like 3 weeks ago and can skateboard quite well, but I don’t do tricks. I skate to get around the places I live by, visit strip malls, ect. I don’t feel like doing tricks, I don’t feel like wearing full-skater clothes, and conforming to the skater image. But when I skate, people call me a poser because I don’t do these things.

Wow. I’ve been skating for 3 weeks (Like every other day, just for 30 minutes) and I think I’m _OK_, and I am NOT trying to pose. If I ride a board to CVS, you bet I’m going to keep an eye on it (130$, mind the non-skaters.).

Like, 10 minutes ago, I did just that. I rode up to CVS, took my board in, got 2 milkshakes, and 2 dudes (big guys wearing tiny abercrombie shirts >_>) are like «What can you do on that?» and I said «I just cruise.» When I left, they were like «POSER!»

Seriously, why do people have to be judged about this. People who just start are considered posers because they don’t look/act like Bam Margra ect, people who DO act like him are also posers. God. Grow up people.

WHY ARE PEOPLE SO JUDGEMENTAL OF SKATERS? I like them more than bikes. I’m a strait A student, wear aeropostal clothes, and am considered a «Poser» because I took a minilogo board I just started riding into CVS.


really, don’t let it get to you.

my cousin who lives with me has a board himself and only uses it to get somewhere if he doesn’t have any other transportation device.

you have a few choices.

you can ignore what people say and just do your thing.

you could give in and start learning some tricks.

or you could switch it up and go longboard on their @sses!:)

that’s all i could really think of.

and to answer your question as to WHY people do that, it’s just the way people are.

you gotta expect people to want to see what you got if you skate.

trust me, i know how it is.

being a girl skater people always used to give me **** for it and think i sucked but once i started getting much better and playing alot of people in skate and beating them people looked at me differently.

people think i’m as good, sometimes better than the guys who skate.

so i think you should go with the 2nd or last option

2 years of skating


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