Holmgren worst GM in NHL history?


people make fun of Sather because he signed Drury/Gomez for 7.5 mill each.

Holmgren gave up 2 future 1st round picks and a decent player (Lupul) for an old d*ck Chris Pronger.

WOW…..i dont think Glen sather wouldve done that. 2 future 1st round picks. God Damn…….

Im sure in 15 mins this question will be deleted, I know that this is old but im just trying to start another «debate» with flyers fans.


To be honest with you, I actually liked the deal very much. This team is set for the future already. They want to win this year, and adding a top 5 defenseman (arguably the best defensive Dman in the game/Lidstrom being #1 offensive Dman) was huge. Lupul is a fantastic hockey player, but has not produced as much as they’d like.

I see the Flyers being VERY dangerous this year.

In regards to your Rangers…

if Gaborik is healthy..

well.. then I see these 2 in the East Finals.

May god have mercy on the medics assigned to those games.


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