World of Warcraft players?


What influenced your general pick between Alliance and Horde? Which did you pick and why did you end up choosing that faction?

Which type of server did you pick? Why?

What was your FIRST EVER character faction/race/class? Why?

What is your main faction/race/class now? Why?

I picked Horde because my cousins/uncles play Horde, so I chose their server. My first EVER character was an Undead Rogue, because my cousin talked about his Undead Rogue so much and it sounded cool. Now my main is an 80 Blood Elf Hunter on a different server than my uncles/cousins because I switched servers with some WoW friends.

(sorry for all the questions, just wondering. :D)


I have some of each, both alliance and horde. I mainly play alliance because thats what my RL friends play.

I prefer a PvE server because its much easier when you are out in contested zones you cant get attacked by the opposite faction when you are not ready for it.

My First character was a human warlock.

My current character is a Restro / Balance Druid. I *love* my druid, I can heal or DPS with her and is so necessary in any good group.

I have 8 various level 80s


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