Ugggh, this is so confusing!!!!!?


Okay, i need some advice

I recently came out to my friends as full on gay.

Cuz at the time I had a crush on a girl.

But now I’m considering the fact that I may in fact be pansexual

(pansexual only because I’ve never really looked at anyone and thought «wow, they’re hot» unless I knew them personally and their personality and only then can I develop feelings for them)

So idk what to do…

Cuz I fall in love with people’s personalities…

And now everyone sees me as gay

So I can’t exactly take it back…

Should I just kinda go with it and whatever happens happens?

(and to all those who detest labels, I’m sorry, I’m just between a rock and a hard place here)


I’m not too in to labels, but I do identify as a lesbian…makes it less confusing for the confused (which is not me!!)

Don’t forget the process you went through to come out, you’ve got to allow the people you come out to to go through the same process. So let them get comfortable with you being gay but tell them that you are pansexual. let them know it was easier for you to say I’m gay than I’m pansexual…because some people have a hard enough time with the G word and it’s been commonly used for yearssss.

Then, educate YOURSELF so you can educate them! Join forums, groups for pansexuals, meet other pansexuals and get to grips with how you can explain who you are to your loved ones. Eventually they will learn as you will too.

Good luck

Miss X


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