WoW Mount- Money help please?


Ive been level 60 for like 3 days now and im still riding my stupid level 30 mount. Any one know how to get 500g for the Mount training.? !! please. If i dont find a way to get moeny. im prolly going to be lvl 80 riding a lvl 30 mount lol. I know when i get to 70 i will be able to do Dailys and start getting like 200g a hour but please help me 10points for best answers please help. By the way i am a lvl 60 human prot. Warrior.


First of all spend a little time on your professions. I would suggest spending a day doing nothing but mining. Start with selling some copper. Check ah to see which sells better whether it be the bars or the ores. If you can get your mining up to where you can mine mithril up thru thorium those two alone should sell very well. I know on my server last I looked the only mithril available was 75g a stack. As far as your enchanting goes if you get it up higher you’ll be able to DE all your greens and sell the mats on the ah also. You can also farm cloth to sell on the ah.

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