Predictable feminist responses — #4?


Let’s see who can guess the typical and predictable feminist response to various scenarios.

1- In a discussion with faceless (online) feminists, you express your distaste for the misandry and sexism of modern feminism. Rather than addressing the points you make, she (or maybe he) replies with:-

a) You have a fragile ego/are scared of feminists

b) You hate women

c) Wow, I had no idea! Whoa — that’s kinda scarey just how bigoted some feminists are. And yes, it is extremely hypocritical of feminism to condemn men only when — as a supposed equality movement — it would make logical sense and be morally balanced to acknowledge that not everything is a man’s fault.

Out of those three, two are very common responses given by feminists and one is — we’ll, i’ve never as seen/heard any feminist say even close to.

Which do you think is most common for a feminist to say?


a and b.

Its heartwarming when (c) happens. I think it happens more than we see posted online. My hunch is that some women start out posting here because they are against sexism, and as soon as they realise that sexism today is coming primarily from feminism they just get wise to/ disillusioned with gender politics and go and do something useful with their time instead.


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