Should I just break up with her?


When I first started going out with my gf it seemed she really liked me, she text ed me a lot and told me how much she did like me. But then things went south after that I would text her sometimes at night. I would try to sustain a conversation but the only thing she would respond with was ha ha ok, or ha ha wow or ha ha cool. I asked her what was up and she said she was tired….. So I accepted that and text ed her during the day. Things where better at first but soon she did the same thing. She never texts me first its always me. I literally have not seen her in a month we are supposed to hang tomorrow and then after that I think she is supposed to leave for another month. idk think she hates me for some reason. give me your thoughts.


Sounds like a «text» relationship. I’m sorry to be blunt but that’s not a relationship… it’s more of a hobby. It’s nothing serious. If you want it to be serious then you both have to commit and set up times that are MUTUALLY convinient and be able to talk and visit eachother in real life.

Again, sorry for being so brutally honest.



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