Listen I know that you guys must have seen this Q a million times today but this….


What do you think of the trade.

I love it, especially since the Cavs only gave up Big Ben, who’s probably gonna retire and Sasha who I was never really a fan of. Oh and one draft pick.

Now we can just sign Matt Barnes and If we don’t win the championship I’ll give up on Cleveland entirely….

So yeah, what do you think of the trade?


Look at it this way; Shaq’s the «20 million dollar Rental.» If they win an NBA Championship this year, a good 20 million dollars well spent. If not; expect to hear a lot more «LeBron to New York City» speculation in the off-season; which is in fact the 2010 season. Cleveland fans will either be celebrating or on edge… we shall see.

As for why they traded for Shaq; it’s obvious, he gives them a solid chance to win the elusive championship. He still at his age poses a mismatch problem for most opposing Centers in the NBA. One thing however; I’m concerned with is Shaq getting in LeBron’s way — clogging up the lane as he did to Steve Nash. Also Shaq isn’t the best out in transition, running the floor, a major part of the Cleveland Cavs offense. So there are many positives; but don’t shut out the negatives. It was a deal that had to be done, and was done.

The ONLY way this trade has a happy ending; is an NBA Championship.

As for the Suns, it works for them. They buy out Wallace contract, and it frees up the 20 million they had to pay Shaq as well. Phoenix is in a rebuilding phase — they did what were they were supposed to do here.

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