How much should I spend on friend’s baby?


Ok, I’ve finally reached the age where my friends are getting pregnant. Now my preggers friend wants some help stocking the baby’s room. of course, who wouldn’t want to help…who knows I keep playing my cards right I get to be a Godfather!. Anyhow so she’s talking about what she needs and I’m looking online and my heart is ******* dropping to the ground. My god things are expensive. Cribs are the most expensive cage I’ve ever seen. Little crummy slings for 130.00!? What planet do these people live on? I mean, I already spent tons on their wedding gift and months later these ‘registry’ items are insane! I mean wow, I apparently have friends who have no concept of money.

Anyhow my question is why is getting something used bad, what’s a reasonable price for a person to spend on their best friends’ nursery junk? Like I said, she’s the first one of us to have a kid. We’re all in the dark, and she’s started crying about weight and diet and heat and what not. I don’t want to bring this up…but…really I don’t have that much money, lol.


About $20-$50 is a good range. Honestly they shouldn’t be thinking that someone is going to full out buy a crib. Usually the things that are expected as a gift are clothes, diapers, bottles,etc. Think possibly- nice diaper bag, none rear facing car seat (it is amazing how soon they will be in this), bedding set (sheet, bumper,etc). Gift certificates for them to get food is also good (premade meals, fast food places, quick easy meals for Mom to not have to make)

You could also offer to help get the room ready- paint, etc.

Even better- make sure you offer to be there when the baby is born. Then Mom could take a little nap. :o)

3 kids later :o)


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