HELP……Tips on me getting through another day With out a cigarette?


On my 2nd day without a cigarette. Wow this is even harden than i thought. I cant stop eating and i mean anything that i see. I just look at the clock all the time and am consumed ny the thought of a cigarette. I am trying to convince myself i can just cut down, be a social smoker just smoke in the evening’s ,just at party’s and excuse. I know its all part of the addiction and i can not manage any of the above. I am going to do this its Just bloody hard. Do you have any tips or advice. Can any one tell me if they notice a difference in their appearance when they gave up. Thank you for reading this and for any replys.


Well i smoked for 14 years and recently just fully quit like 3 mos ago and it was hard i relapse a couple times but my main focus was thinkin about my kids and family. i was also thinkin that can get cancer and die the thought about that really scared me to the point i didn’t wanna smoke. i believe that it’s also a mental thing you don’t really want to but your mind is telling you to, well if you can train your mind to wanna smoke then it’s possible to also train your mind not to. i quit cold turkey no patches ,gum nothing. Just look up online people who smoke for years and see if that would make you quit. (it did for me)…. well good luck and congrats on your 2nd day not smoking

Add: now that i quit i feel more energy and my chest doesn’t feel tight or congested and my breath hair doesn’t stink anymore and i have less wrinkles

There’s a hotline that helped me it’s 1- 800 — try -to-stop

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