Why so much Jeff Hardy hate?


Ok I’m not his biggest fan…he has his flaws:

He can’t cut a promo…but he is better on the mic than Batista!

Kids like him…But so do adults! Look at Taker, kids and adults like him, don’t hate on Jeff for all the PG stuff!

He isn’t the best wrestler about…but he is a good worker and can always have a solid match. Furthermore he can do some great spots, and moves, which are very entertaining and give the art of wrestling that Wow factor…okay he is no Kurt Angle…but Hulk Hogan was a terrible worker but a great WWF wrestler nevertheless

Hardy has produced some of the most memorable moments in WWF/E ever…additionally look at his matches with Edge, they are amazing! He is always one of the best on Smackdown (which is saying something at the moment with its high quality)

So why all the hate against Hardy?

Don’t just give me «Jeff Sucks» replies, are there any real reasons?


i dont hate jeff hardy i just find him overrated. like you said he isnt all that of a good wrestler but he is a good worker(dedication to wwe). he just gets the oppitunuties that other better deserving superstars deserve. he didnt deserve to be wwe or world champion. he didnt even deserve to be the contender for it. the wwe only pushes jeff hardy because the fans like him not because he is a good wrestler and thats totally unfair to the other more deserving superstars. but i agree there were worst wrestlers like batista. jeff hardy was better in my opinion when he was with matt hardy in the hardy boyz.

victoria was here!!!


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