Need help on how to download WoW private server.?


I know its illegal im aware of it so please dont nag at me, but i just cant help it the monthly pay is burning my wallet.. i only wanted to play Wow for the storyline (Cause its discontinued on Warcraft III, TFT)

Now can someone give me instructions on how to download Wow Private server?



here as follows: xD

1. Rename your World of Warcraft folder to anything else, for example wowow, something you won’t forget is your World of Warcraft folder. For Windows users you’ll find the folder «World of Warcraft» in C:\Program Files.

2. Install the World of Warcraft (again). The installer will ask you where you want to place World of Warcraft. The default is installed into C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft, but instead rename it to C:\Program Files\PrivateServerWoW (or anything else). Also, don’t have it send an icon to the desktop. mwahaha xD

3. Once you’ve installed World of Warcraft, DO NOT connect to the server!!! If you do this, WoW will update your game version to 1.9.0, and we don’t want this! Instead, download the 1.8.0 full patch. you can download it here: FileFront

4. Run the 1.8.0 installation files and have it be installed to the Wow Private Server folder. (If it doesn’t let you choose where to install it, it will automatically install in your private server folder).

5. This part is semi-optional. Just depends on if you want to have the Ahn-Qiraj stuff available in the Private Server. If you want to connect to a 1.9.0 hack server, you can download the 1.9.0 EMU patch (this is NOT the same as Blizzard’s and using Blizzard’s 1.9.0 will result in not being able to connect to the private server.) You can download the 1.9.0 emu patch HERE. Install the patch into your Private WoW server folder.

6. If you installed the 1.9.0 emu hack, go to your WoW private server folder and then inside the folder go to DATA, then to DBFilesClient. in the DBFilesClient folder DELETE the item «Spell.dbc.» If you don’t delete this, WoW will NOT work. However if you didn’t install the 1.9.0 emu hack, you won’t have to delete anything.

7. Now on to finding a private server to connect to. I find most of my servers at but you can find them elsewhere by doing a search. There, you’ll find a list of private servers. If you want to play on a server with high XP rates and gold/item rates, choose a funserver (under the XP rate column). Click on the server’s name to go to the info page. You can only play on servers that have 1.8.0, 1.8.1, 1.8.2, or 1.9.0 hack (which is really almost all servers).

8. To play on the server, you must make an account. Now click on the Account Signup page to register for that particular server. Most register sites will look like a login screen. Just type your desired username and password to sign up!

9. Once you’re signed up for that particular server, you’ll need to find the server’s address. Go back to the server’s info page, and you’ll find the server’s address In the row labeled «Server Address» (duh ).

10. Once you’ve found the server address, go back to your WoW Private Server Folder, and find a file called «» It’s in the regular WoW private server folder, NOT in the WTF folder. Click on the to open it. For most, it will ask you what program you want to open it with. For window’s users, choose notepad. Once opened you’ll see, [ set realmlist ] or [ set realmlist ] depending on which version you play. Now change the address to the private server you chose. (for example [ set realmlist ]) Once you’ve done that, SAVE the file!

11. Now in the private server folder, click on the WoW icon (or WoW190 if you installed the 1.9.0 hack) and you’re on! Login as usual! (you can play on 1.9.0 hack servers with just 1.8.0… but you wont be able to access the new stuff).

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