Parents; did the kids do anything to make you laugh today?


I am just wondering what all of you parents did today and If anything funny happened that made you laugh a little bit.

The kids and I had to go to a dress shop to get the boys’s tuxedos (they are in a wedding) and we walked in and a woman came up to my oldest son who is 3 and says «wow Andrew you have gotten so big since I last saw you, we are going to try that suit on again that you are going to wear to the wedding» and Andrew looked at her (usually he is super shy in front of people…who aren’t mommy 🙂 ) and he says

«well lady, I dont know who you are but I dont want to today» and he walked away from her. 🙂 hahahah I died. I was laughing so hard and obviously we got it done but that was so funny.

than my youngest who is 18 months said «mommy andwoo be not eee» and I said «yes baby Andrew is being naughty and he should be in time out but we will wait until his tux is off his body» and I look at Andrew and he just stands there and says «I’m never taking this off I hate time outs.» haha 🙂

that was funny as well.

so what happened in your life to make you laugh a bit? 🙂

funniest gets the most points. 🙂

thanks guys…I just need a laugh.


My 18month old twins, Hannah and Hallie, were playing outside when they found some chalk in the toy bucket, After scraping it along the concrete patio Hallie decided she would and i quote «Wike to twy some ub dis pweezz» after i said no hallie its ucky we eat people food thts for drawing pretty pictures she looks at me and says «tay hannie will twy!» I start to say no, but it’s to late and hannah already tried to take a bite. I immediately took the chalk from her and said no no not good hannie we dont eat chalk its not good for our tummys. hannah respned with an ugly face and started pawing at her tongue trying to get the taste out. then hallie looks at me, gives me a devious smile, and bites into her chalk, then immediately shoots me a pained look and spits it across the patio. she looks at hannah and scream «IS U CWAZY HANNIE??» I laughed hysterically and said «what did momma tell you?»

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