Think this could calm me down?


So i like writing cause it helps me express so many different emotions….anger has never been one i could though but i just wrote this short journal/story that has no main focus just a letter from a boy to a girl it read as follows

Since we are on the matter of truths well…. the truth is i feel abandoned and helpless…. wronged and fucked, loved and hated….. by you….. ill explain further in this little post….

Once i felt i could talk to you about anything. now i feel the complete opposite. nothing can ever bring back the trust i had once given you…nothing can. i loved you like none other and i trusted you with everything….even if it didn’t show i was always happy to be proven wrong… the other day you wronged me and i didn’t do anything but get depressed and cut myself…yes cut myself…. my friends werent there for me and the ones tht were ppl said i liked… hell yeah i liked them they acted or actually cared for the time…. you admitted you didnt…

Today you pissed me off by admiting you were with him again….AGAIN…. when will i ******* learn…. this is bull **** im sick of hiding my rage from you. Not to mention the douch bag whos trying his fuking hardest to make things worse…. even today i can not show what i want all i show you is this fake *** smile…

Once again today things seemed to be alright with me i actually got to see you and all we did was act like we were never going to see each other again. seriously im kinda starting not to feel as effected by leaving and its making me feel worse and worse when the pain does hit…

Wow for the first time in a long time i felt the hope of feeling anything…. its been about a month from the last entry in this ***** and im starting to feel a closeness to you….i haven’t felt since December…. it feels amazing…. all the hope of living with you forever is coming back… all the times i didn’t trust you still soak in the back of my mind but i can actually not get mad when you are doing something i don’t like…

Scratch the last fuking entry thts all gone now..i know your a lieing ***** i ******* hate you but love you at the same time…. today my friend was sent to the emergency room and all you said was wow why did the dumb *** go and try tht….well maybe cause the person he ******* cared about was taken away….. it ******* hurts maybe one day you’ll feel tht **** *****…

Last night was our last together i dont ever want to feel the pain again…. i just ******* hate this ****… our relationship sucks and its your fault…… i hope you see what im about to do on the ******* news ***** its over im done.. the bullets are in the gun and im ready…good bye…

~broken heart~

i think this helps express alot do you think i should keep writing this or just stop….

P.s. tell me wht you think of it


It’s a good way to show your feelings Jake and face them. Keep going Dude and this way you manage to keep it real for yourself.

If she cheats on you, ditch her! First time, shame on her, second time shame on you because it’s not going to change and is this what you want your future to look like?

There’s a Lady out there who will adore you. When you find her, treasure her.

Best to you Man

Me! :- )


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