Who else is dissapointed in the Sims 3?


I’m gonna return it some time this week, and buy WoW xD (i used to play but then i got bored with it, got to level 60(:)..

My computer meets the requirements, and my sims are like robots, but worse. Its choppy, and the graphics kinda suck. I thought it was awesome at first, but not anymore. And you cant go inside some community lots. Ughh.


Well i think it’s awesome.The sims are more animated than ever before ( have you watched their faces as they talk? i mean REALLY watched? ) the game is seamless so there’s no stupid loading screens to drive you crazy,the traits are cool if you pick a good mix- hell i could go on for ages.

Yes it’s pretty basic,as was sims 2 when it was first released,but as more expansions come out- the better it will get.Graphics on mine are — sorry — but they’re bloody amazing,but then i bought a gaming PC specifically for this game,it’s not choppy,there’s no lag at all.

There’s no downside to it, i’m loving it.Wouldn’t even consider going back to sims 2 now.Gameplay is different every day,each sim is unique and you just never know what’s gonna happen next.

Unlike WoW,where u log in,kill some crap,log out, that’s it — same old crap every day.Boring as hell (and yes i’m an ex- WoW player,got bored and fell asleep on it ).

I guess you can’t win them all huh ?



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