Why is it that….(im going crazy)?


when people feel bad about themselves they constantly get told to feel good about how they look…and when someone feels good about how they look…they’re considered conceited…..

i’d thought i’d ponder you for a minute =)

haha idk…its 2:20 in the morning and im on my laptop and i can’t fall asleep..i feel so…smart-ish )wow i know) which im obviously not..which is also consisting of sleep deprivation…

holy crap wtf is with my vocabulary….haha maybe i should not sleep more often i’d get an ‘A’ in english =DDD

haha btw-im 13 so u can imagine how surprised i am about how smart i sound right now…yes- my tokio hotel family is astonished..i can see your faces…there like «wtf O_o»

OKKKK im going to shut up now…im sorry…i get kinda…loopy i guesss when im hyper..prolly going to crash soon anyway..OH YEAH dont forget to answer the question =))) hehe


Haha. That’s what happens when listening to Bill’s amazing voice does to you. Haha (:

Nah; your fine. Just hypo.

And i dont know the answer to your question 😉



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