What would you do in this situation?


ok so at the pool the other i was swimming with my daughter (she is 20 months) and this woman and her son (he was around the same age as my daughter) came over and started chit chatting. Well that’s fine, I’m a friendly person, but what bothered me was how much she started bragging. She just kept going on and on about how smart her son was and how many words he is saying and blah blah blah.

— i just kept smiling and saying things like wow, omg. But what I really wanted to say was like OH YEAH, well my daughter was doing that months ago and she does this and knows that and so on. Of course I didn’t.

-ok so my question, what is something i could have said to politely ask her stop bragging, or even a nice way to maybe brag back. Or was i right by just smiling and nodding my head?

-This isn’t a serious question but i was just curious.

Thanks!! : )


Sometimes that sort of thing really is an invitation to get you to brag back. She likely expected you to chime in with «That’s great! And my daughter is singing her ABCs now; don’t you love watching them learn new things all the time!»

She could’ve been a random pest who brags about her kid to bank tellers, but it seems more likely (and nicer to think) she was trying to engage you in conversation with the one thing nearly all parents like to talk about, viz: how great their kids are.


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