How to install Wow and then the Burning Crusade expansion?



when i finished installing wow(the original), it begins to patch when i click the «play» button, my question is, do i have to do this patch now or can i install the burning crusade first then do the burning crusade patch?

or is that a seperate thing, so do i install wow then patch, then install BC then patch. or can i just install them both first then do just one big patch afterwards? i dont really know how this works.

also one last question, after i finished installing, why does it ask me to install wow again on the patch?

thanks for any help


If you wish to install the Burning Crusade expansion, do this before you click the Play button and download and install the patches. If you wish to use the Wrath of the Lich King expansion as well, install that after installing the Burning Crusade expansion, but before downloading and installing the patches.

When you install the base game or an expansion, you also install all of the patches up to the point in which the game was released. If you were to install the base game and then download and install the patches, you would have a game that is ready to play, but without the Outlands or the Northrend continent, and without the draenei or blood elf starting areas.If you install the Burning Crusade expansion over this, you will overwrite all of the patches you installed, and when you click the Play button again, you will need to install, and perhaps even download, all of the patches between the Burning Crusade and present day versions all over again. I hope this explains everything. — LJS

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