What do people think of Virgos?


I just hate it when people don’t think they can trust me with anything… it’s like, I tell them some huge s*** going on in my life but they can’t tell me? Then there are just people who just look at me and think «wtf?» They don’t have to say anything cause I can just see it. There’s just no sense of justice with anyone around me… I’m always happy to know what people think of me so then I have my friend ask the person and then all I get is, «he’s okay i guess, a bit strange.» And wow, do I have to tell you the number of times I have been rejected in love. Let’s just say if love is a game, I’m struggling on the beginner difficulty. What do you guys think of Virgos?


My grandmother is a virgo and so was my mother (passed away) I love virgo women they would do anything for anyone.. My mother would of took her shirt off her back for someone she thought needed it more. My gramdmother has been through alot and took me in as a teenager which she couldve easily enjoyed her retired life. We are very close but im a sagittarius and can be be harsh not because i want to but because im arguemenative and she dont argue back and I DO NOT LIKE IT ahhh lol but usually a good thing to most people but not sags. But, like the person said few up they are perfectionist.. not fun. Also I work thirds and sometimes i stay up during the day doing things and at times i come home go to bed and do things at night idk just how i feel when i get home… anywho when i go to bed late and wake up arouund 9/10 she puts her two scents in why i shouldnt do this and need to go to bed when i get home.. you can not put your opinion in because yours is WRONG and if you argue with it they get emotional and you feel bad because they are nice virgo’s 😦 ahhhh i dont think its the virgo i think its me the sagittarius lol.

Texas girl is also correct on males.

Sagittarius sign & taurus moon


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