Good ‘ol Witty comebacks? =D?


These two girls in my class stereotype themselves as «emo» and always talk about how emo they are and how there are so many posers. One day in class, I was talking to my friends about the Gorillaz, and they butted into the convo and asked, «What’s your favorite song by them?» I replied «Kids with Guns!» Then, they had the nerve to say «Wow, you’re a poser. That song is sooo mainstream.» So, what are some witty comebacks? (This isn’t the first time they called me poser) Haha It’s kind of funny because two years ago, I was into My Chemical Romance and they never heard of them. Now, my taste of music has changed slightly and they act obsessed over MCR. XD


labels are for soup cans

dont stereotype.

even tho they were the ones calling themselves emo!

everyone knows people calling themselves emo are the real fikkin posers.

WOAAA my rant would be a totally good comeback

not really but……..


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