Wow, This ones about my bestfriend, the guy I like, and its a long one, 10 points to best answer!?


Ok, for Identity purposes, I have changed my best friends name to «A» and the guy I likes name to «B».

Alright so here we go,

It all started at musical. «A» got «B»‘s phone number and they got to talking and decided to go out. a few weeks later «B» broke up with «A». So I started liking «B». I told «A» about this and she was fine with it. Now I was talking to «A» last night, and she was like, well I guess its ok that you still like him, but I think I still like him.

Now, I found out that «B» is moving way far away. He has a girlfriend. But I really like him.

Finally, if i do start texting «B», what should I talk about, cause I run out of subjects easily. Here are some things he likes, He was in the musical that I was in, He is going to a drama camp, hes moving, and other subjects.

So it comes down to….

Would this make my best friend angry?

Even though he has a girlfriend should I go for it?

Even though he is moving should I go for it?

What topics would keep both of us interested?

IF SOMEONE ACTAULLY READ ALL THIS 1) thank you AND 2) please help!


Okay interesting situation you have hear.


If you are testing him, talk about his future goals in the performing arts profession. Talk about is he excited to move? Talk about how when he gets big in famous for drama how you will be the first one in the crowd cheering him on and how you will always be there for him.

No this wouldn’t make your best friend angry. It would have only made her angry if she never knew you liked him in the first place. You cant help how you feel <3.

Since he has a gf don’t be so aggressive with it, just start out as friends be there for him when the going gets tough. always talk too him.. keep the friendshipp alive.Eventuallyy if it was meant to happen, it will happen..

Since he is moving you should still keep a great friendship with him ❤

Some topics that could keep the conversation interesting is umm about drama. Try to talk about things he likes and stray from things he dislikes, talk about how when you guys get older you could star in movies together. Just keep itaroundd drama.

Please pick me. 🙂


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