I need some fashion advice help please!!!!THANKYOU!!!!?


I usually dress in tee-shirts from school functions and the same 3 pairs of pants i really would like to start wearing different types of clothes like ones that make me look good…i mean not all pink and frilly( heads up I’m a tomboy!~) but I have no idea how or where to look my mom is not a fashion icon so I really can’t get advice from her… w/ anything else she’s great but not clothing….could you guys give me a crash course in how to wow the world around me? Also could you name some stores

that sell nice tomboy clothes? thankx again


i understand where you are coming from! you can go to american eagle or hollister. in order for you not to change completely you can just rock the skinny jeans with a nice graphic tee and some low top converse. add a bracelet or two to the out fit or even a ring.

example: http://www.ae.com/web/browse/category_fe…



jewelry: http://www.claires.com/catalog.asp?rcid=…


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