I am afraid and being stalked by someone who calls my phone and knows my name and where I live help?


Ok my brother as I stated in another question became a heroin addict. Well My man took care of him coming here and have a protection order. Yet now I am receiving phone calls from a man who knows my name and where I live. They are perverted, and this person says he lives down the street and is watching me. The number shows on my phone as private, and they are also calling my husbands phone. Neighbors are watching etc, I think it has something to do with brother having someone do this as he is desperate to get in touch with me. He stole from us etc. I can’t prove he is behind this or can I. I called T-mobile and they said they can’t trace a private call. Does anyone know of a way that I can find out who is calling me? I am scared to go outside. Neighbors watch me to my car etc. This guy new everything about where I live and how I looked etc. Has anyone been through this? What did you do? There has to be away to track this person wouldn’t you think. Police have said we can’t do anything about your brother unless he breaks the protection order. I am convinced as I am not listed nor husband that brother is behind this. Sad I don’t even know my brother anymore. The man calling is not my brothers voice and is making sexual threats to rape me etc. We placed a safety bar on our door. Wow this is terrifying! Any help would be greatly appreciated.


did you tell the police that your being stalked and that your really frightend???? they might be able to tell where its coming from.

did you ever stop and think that your brother had nothing to with this. I know you have a bad history with him and blah dee blah…but maybe its not him. If your brother wanted to get in touch with you that means he probably wants your forgiveness. If he wanted that he wouldn’t ask someone to phone you and stalk you and threaten to rape you. Maybe you just got unlucky with someone stalking you and they have watched you…researched you (yeah i know…freaky!!) so thats how they know so much about you.

Next time your out….take the time to notice if you see one particular person more than once. if you do it could just be coincidence. So then the next time your out check to see if you see that person again. if you do….I think you have your stalker.

i really hope that i helped….cus it sounds sooo scary!!! 🙂


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