7 months along and scared to death…..?


This is my second baby boy and I smoke, I know how bad this is and I have tried repeatedly to quit and have cut down alot, I am 33 yrs old and have smoked since i was 16. If you have never smoked you dont understand how strong the addiction is…this was a planned pregnancy and i love my child more than life itself…. I smoked with my first son and he was healthy, and it just makes me think, wow I was so lucky the first time that I’m sure something will go wrong this time, my ultrsounds have showed that he is actually above the percentile for his gestation,,( at 21 wks) and I’m measuring perfect at each dr visit, but i havent bought anything for the nursery, and have convinced myself not to get my hopes up because something will go wrong as a result. I’m not a bad person, I just have a really bad addiction, has anyone else been in this situation,, I envy the ppl who have the will power to just lay cigarettes down.


I smoked with my first child. He is a healthy 3 yr old boy.

I too think that i was lucky the first time. So this time i am going to quit. I smoked like a pack and a half a day and am down to 3 a day. Today is my last day of smoking! I promised myself and my baby. I know it is going to be hard but I just don’t want anything to happen god forbid.

I am almost 8 weeks and my first Dr. appt is next friday. I want to beable to walk in there and say i stopped smoking.

I truly wish you all the best.

I don’t know how much you smoked or how much you smoke now but i would put a couple in my purse and when you have none left you have none and try to ween yourself off that way.

Good luck!

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