Which of us is the bad friend?


ok me and this girl were pretty close friends i mean i was always there for her i always gave her advice and everything and she knew that and knows that.

but she started dating some guy i know and me and this guy were pretty good friends also but he told her that he didn’t want her talking to me because he thought i was gonna steal her from him (and to make it clear i never tried to and never intended to)

and she listened to him and stopped talking to me which felt to me like a stab in my back i mean that really hurt and then he got over it and she talked to me again and then awhile later something happened between me and her and i said sorry and sshe wouldnt talk to me so at the last day of school i gave her a letter i wrote to her and it explained everything and said how sorry i was and she walked over to me after she read it and she was crying and she said «i dont hate u» and then she informed me that it was her bf that didnt want her talking to me AGAIN and AGAIN she listened

I mean come on? WTF? and it really hurt me but i got passed it and we talk still but one night her bf couldnt talk to her on the phone because his parents took the phone so i told her id cal her if she wants so she said ok and me and her were talking and then all the sudden she hung up and then i texted he saying sorry for wat ever i did and she replyed saying «u didnt do anything but im talking to my bf so ill talk to u later bye» and that got me thinking WOW and i understand her doing that i guess but not even worning me just out of the blue bam hang up on me?? WTF? and i thought well if he hass turned her against me more then twice already cant it happen again?

and i dont want to go thru any of that again so what do i do?



to be honesttt, i dont thik that you are over reacting at all. if she was your real friend, she would tell her boyfriend to F off cause she wouldnt let a guy get inbetween her friendship withh you. soto be honestt i dont think thatt you should keep going back to herr. she is taking advantage of you and in her head she knows that she can keep messin with you, so she doesnt care if you get mad at herr. so what i think you need to do, is next time she pulls something likee this, dont get mad, dont get sad, justt stomp rightt overr it and keep our life goingg. then when her and her boyfrined break up or get into a fightt, she will realize that she needs you. and she will appreciate you more. and your guys’s friendship will be right back in line. (: and if that doesnt work (which it 99.99999999998% will) then you obviously need to choose better friends and associate yourself with people you know like you for who youu are.

i also think that she likes this guy so much, she is justt caught up in herselff and theirr relationship. justtt do what i told you to do,and everything should pan outt(: i hopeeee i helped:]


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