Did i mess up? PLEASE ANSWER? I will answer any question u have?


ok me and this girl were pretty close friends i mean i was always there for her i always gave her advice and everything and she knew that and knows that.

but she started dating some guy i know and me and this guy were pretty good friends also but he told her that he didn’t want her talking to me because he thought i was gonna steal her from him (and to make it clear i never tried to and never intended to)

and she listened to him and stopped talking to me which felt to me like a stab in my back i mean that really hurt and then he got over it and she talked to me again and then awhile later something happened between me and her and i said sorry and sshe wouldnt talk to me so at the last day of school i gave her a letter i wrote to her and it explained everything and said how sorry i was and she walked over to me after she read it and she was crying and she said «i dont hate u» and then she informed me that it was her bf that didnt want her talking to me AGAIN and AGAIN she listened

I mean come on? WTF? and it really hurt me but i got passed it and we talk still but one night her bf couldnt talk to her on the phone because his parents took the phone so i told her id cal her if she wants so she said ok and me and her were talking and then all the sudden she hung up and then i texted he saying sorry for wat ever i did and she replyed saying «u didnt do anything but im talking to my bf so ill talk to u later bye» and that got me thinking WOW and i understand her doing that i guess but not even worning me just out of the blue bam hang up on me?? WTF? and i thought well if he hass turned her against me more then twice already cant it happen again?

and i dont want to go thru any of that again so what do i do?



you’re not over reacting mate. But umm do you like this girl, i mean like like like this girl? I think she might have feelings for you in that way but her boyfriend hates you alot now so she doesn’t want to say anything. Did you think that maybe her bf might get really aggressive on her and maybe hurt her? I don’t think this is a good relationship for her to be in and maybe you should tell her. Her bf shouldn’t be able to pick what friends she can have that’s so wrong. Maybe you should talk to him and tell him not to think of you as a threat. Reassure him that you don’t want to come between them. But I actually think that you should if you have feelings for her. It’s not a healthy relationship for her and i think she needs out. Tell her what you think about him, tell her what i’ve said. Tell her that he can’t pick her friends and that when she listens to him when he tells her not to talk to you it hurts you a lot. If she doesn’t listen and starts ignoring you again because of him i think you should back off. You still should keep an eye on her just in case, she’ll probably need you soon after so you should just be there for her. Decide whether you like her in that way, tell her and get her away from that idiot boyfriend if that is how you feel.

Good Luck I hope this helps you mate

tess ox ox 🙂


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