Annoying as heck co-worker?


I work in a huge office with another female who seems to always try and make me upset on purpose at work. She works in another department but tends to always end up in mine. Every time she comes over, she tends to say smart, caddy remarks to me. (keep in mind, I do speak to her to be friendly and kill her with kindness. Never have I disrespected her.) She will walk over to my desk and say out loud for people to hear, «how much did your pencil holder cost…was it cheap?» Or something will be hanging on my cubicle and she will say «Oh wow, I want one of those, where did you get that?» (I can tell by her tone she is being smart*ss.) I work late nights in my office, along with other people in my department. We all leave the office around 10. The building closes at 11. She yelled out just now, «what time do you get off, midnight, 1?» She has been working here for over two years with me. She knows we close at 11. There was one time I had applied for some overtime, and I did not get what I asked for. She over heard me talking about it. She interrupted and stated, «Yea, I took your overtime.» She is in a different department. We don’t have the same overtime offered. It is annoying when you have to deal with this everyday. I am 26. She is younger than me, like maybe 22. I just want to roll my eyes when she comes by. i always kill her with kindness.


I have personally dealt with people like that but I am a female truck driver working with mainly men so it is easier for me to give them a ‘nice’ slam. They get the point. I would put on an award winning smile the next time she asks ‘How’s it going?’ just say (contemplative look and loud enough for people around to hear) ‘Well, they’re going one of two ways, mine or yours. Being as I like the things going my way, maybe you should go yours….’ It’s not really rude, it gets the point accross and if you do it right, everyone else will think you are joking but her!


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