When will someone make a vid about designer dogs and all the issues?


someone needs to do it because

A. im tired of seeing that same exact question how do i get my havapoo into the akc? why wont they register him and all the questions like this.

B. it discourages ppl to adopt the poor dogs that are thrown into shelters even though half of them are the «designer dog types» just because crazy ppl put that fancy name together doesnt make them a breed or better they are a dog. a pet they will not meet either standard or wither parent and depending on who did the breeding wow higher risk of both breeds health issues which means more vet visits.

im not saying i dont love mutts ive had a couple (they were rescues) and guess what i dont call my dogs a Mastweilier or a Maboxweilier.

it seems demeaning call them what they are.

that common return that all dog were originally mutts heres my comeback they were specially selected and bred to be a certain way to do certain things. example hounds.

now we are making designer mutts that wont have the same thought put into the breeding.

we litterally have a breed for everything why do we need more?

i have an American Akita used in japan to hunt Bear and other large game. ive had a Rottweiler used in Rome to guard. we have a dog for everything even for the lap style kind of life.

should i make the video or should you? i’ll need help with figuring out how to do it on youtube but *shrugs* hey what can you do.

anyone wants to help email me anyone wants to BS me go for it you think i will really read it?


I can honestly say I tried to make a YouTube video once, failed, and gave up. I’m not really sure how it is done—but yes, it does need to be done.

I think emphasis should be put on how there is *no* difference between a shelter dog and a backyard bred one. And how shelter dogs ended up there *because* of backyard breeders.

And please, put the tylenol at the end; I think we need it.


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