Looking for a good free MMORPG?


Okay, I’ve tried Runescape, that was fun for a while, then i moved on and i keep going back to it. Its a good game, but at school ur a loser if u play so i have to keep it quite. I’ve tried Maplestory, that was okay, i’ve tried 9dragons, hated it, Anarchy, that sucked so bad! I got the trial for guild wars, that was terrible. But i guess my expectation are high because i played WoW for nearly 1 and a half years. i’ve looked around, and i came up with 3 games i might try, they are maplestory (which i might go back and play again), Dungeon runners (i know nothing about it) and the other was perfect world. I’m willing to go back to any mmo except Runescape (because i use a bot for that). Please recommend either of the 3 games I’m considering, or recommend your own games. thank you!


i have tried many different mmorpg games over my years of playing and i have come apon a few good ones. my personal favourite is «2Moons» this game has an extremely good fighting system and the servers have a 100% garrentee connection rate.

another good one and one that i played for years is «Silkroad Online» this also has a great fighting style and has a great storyline to it. it has good graphics but the servers are almost imposible to get in these days with all the bots.

another is «world of warcraft» almost every1 has heard of this game. it has good graphics, skills, players. BUT the storyline can be hard to follow. although this game costs to play i think that it was worth it for the fun i had playing it!

all three of the above games use traditional weapons with the exception of wow which has guns, but at the highest level, bows are better.

a game that i am playing a the moment is «Ace Online» this game is all about flying around in a spaceship shooting missiles and guns at other people and monsters.

i hope i have helped you out in finding a good game to play, cheers


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