Wow, is he jealous much?!?


Well my boyfriend came over this morning & i was on the phone with my friend, i told my friend i would call her back. Well my laptop was on & on my couch & my friend(who is another guy) IMed me. Well my boyfriend was like «who is this?!» & i said «my friend.» & he said «why is he IMing you?» I said «well i’m online, he’s online, & we’re friends so you tell me?» (jokingly) & then for some odd reason the friend that was IMing me calls me & before i say i’d call him back my boyfriend was gone out the door! I have never seen him act like this. He is under a lot of stress lately because of things with his job & family, but I don’t see any need in him getting angry over something so small and pointless to get mad over. I just called him & he said he didn’t want to talk.

I’m about to go over to his house & talk to him….& then hopefully me & him will do what we planned which is spend time together.

I don’t want him to be stressed out anymore than he is already so I’ll try my best not to argue with him…

what should I do to prevent this?


my ex used to do this all the time and i’d react the same way as you (feel bad and try to make him talk to me). my advice to you is, don’t pursue it. tell him the truth, that you have guy friends, then all you can do is try to make him comfortable with it by making sure your bf knows that he means more to you than other guys. be understanding, but don’t let him control you or it’ll start a slippery slope in which you’re «not allowed to talk to guys» anymore.

there’s nothing you can do to «prevent» it really, but maybe next time don’t joke so much about it and just give him a direct answer. your response did come off as a bit evasive. if he asks again just tell him the truth, or just make sure he knows about all your guy friends and that they aren’t a threat to the relationship at all. i usually just tell my bf that my guy friends (which is pretty much all my friends) are like brothers to me, that a lot of them have girlfriends already, and i make sure he knows that when I talk to them, there is absolutely no flirting involved. it helps to put them down jokingly too (e.g. «haha yeah my friend is such an idiot sometimes»).

outside of that there’s really nothing else you can do.


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