Whats going on ?


me and my ex meet in high school before we were together we decided to be together on december 7th on 2008 we broke up at may 5th 2009. her friends are my friends as well. during the break up i hang out with my friends that happened to be her best friend. but that dose not really matter now yesterday i was felling really lonely, i was alone in my house all the lights off because didn’t needed them i was the only one in my house and every friend i called was busy or lives far it was hell i was bored. then her friend logged on we talked. then logged out i called more friends nothing…. i was getting crazy no one to talk to. then her friend logged on Again and out of the blue she told me «talk to her» i was thinking where did this come from ?! (i been try to get my ex back 2 times and i just give up. and she tells me this ?) i asked her and she said it was me who wanted to talk to her and im like no i didn’t i talked to her it went well but still i asked her friend and she said » oh wow i lost track of the conversation » she dose not want to tell me! dose this mean she kinda wants me back and dose not know it ?

and i just recieved a txt message from my ex telling me shes sorry for being bitchy yesterday… i dident knowtest she was.



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