ok so yesterday me and my bf were suppose to hangout….he called me and he said «you better be their at six» so i was their at six and he didnt even show up!!!

he was just down the street and he didnt come find me!!

but then later he called me and asked if i wanted to go to the pool hall with him and his friends but i said no becuz i was mad at him…he was raising his voice at me.

and he siad «wow you would rather go there then go to the pool hall with me?ur lame» that got me pissed off..so i didnt even look at him

then later that night he was walking with his friends…i didnt know which one was him b.c it was soo dark and they were all wearing black…soo hes like «wow dont say hi then» then i said «hi (name)» then he just ignored me then i yelled out «WATEVER!!» then he didnt do anything.

he also said he was coming to school and he NEVER did, hes a ditcher, i was looking around and i waited for him to show up but he was their..so i was mad

but the other day me and him hungout he was really sweet he would hug me and kiss me and tried to be funny and he was with different friends

when hes with his other friends, hes means and acts different..when he acts like that, i get very annoyed and i start to hate him and start question our relationship, i think hes in a gang, he told me «you better repaint ur nails tonight, and the red better not be their tomorrow, also dont wear red» and i said «why» then he said «just DONT»

i dont know what he really acts like…theirs a sweet side then theirs a mean side when hes with his friends

he stood me up twice soo next time he wants to hangout im gunna say no

im so fed up with it, hes such a b*tch! after school he expects to see me and when im not their he gets mad,i think he expects me to be their for him all the time but its not that easy, i have a life, i have homework i have chores to do after school, and if i dont want to go anywhere he wants to go he gets mad

how should i deal with this??


A relationship cannot work without honesty and communication, so I would just talk to him about how you feel. To be honest, if a guy can’t even act the same and treat you decently around his friends then he isn’t worth it. If he loved you then he wouldn’t treat you like that, so I would dump him and move on. Good luck xx



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