American Idol and Katy Perry endorsing Adam Lambert tonight?


At the end of the show, the idiot who sang, «I kissed a girl» was featured and appeared at the beginning of her set with a cape that was embroidered, «Adam Lambert» on it before she performed.

Apart from his smug self in appearing as if he’s the heir apparent to the Idol Crown?

Should this type of «endorsement» on the part of this woman have been allowed by the show or does it amount to a «nod» in Adam’s direction that the other two simply won’t win this year so hey, «why not admit the obvious»?

I thought this was really blatant on the show’s part and very very very unfair to the other two.

Kris and Danny.

Wow, if you ever thought American Idol was unfair before and manipulated by the producer?

That, yes THAT moment should have erased all your doubt.

What do YOU think?

* 41 minutes ago

* — 4 days left to answer.

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It is definitely okay to express your opinion but ask yourself this:

If American Idol is featuring you as an artist with a record, is it «okay» to endorse one person in the final three above the other three? Would Tony Bennett wear a lapel pin with the name of his favorite while performing or is he simply possessing too much «class» to do so? So I ask again, why was this sort of thing allowed?

7 minutes ago

I’m not bemoaning the fact that this was unfair because I am somehow «ignorant» of the fact that tonight’s results were already «tabulated». But did the emblazoned name, «Adam Lambert» on Katy Perry’s cape constitute a blatant disregard for the hopes of whoever would be the other half of the two remaining «idols»? Think about that. How would that make you feel if YOU were competing and went through all of this?


I thought it was completely unfair. There are idiots out there who will vote for whomever they’re told to. He’s been pimped out by the producers soooo much and I can’t take it. He’s smug and screams in every song. He’s predictable, cocky and needs to go back to Broadway.

Chris Daughtry didn’t win, Jennifer Hudson didn’t win, Clay Aiken didn’t win (no jokes, please) but they’ve done well outside of Idol and sold albums like crazy. Danny Gokey will go far and Adam can kiss my black ***.

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