Why are guys such disgusting judgemental pigs?


okay so I know Im not going to get anywhere asking this but seriously what is up with guys? A lot of guys say oh I’m different then all the rest but all they turn out to be is all the rest! I’m sick of so many judgemental guys thinking girls have to look a certain way and that their perfect why do some guys only think about sex? why do some guys say they think its okay that your a virgin but then become so shocked by it like its something bad? umm hello I dont think theirs anything wrong with being a virgin because I have morals and want to be in love first theirs something wrong with me? I’m sick of all the games and people leading you on and only wanting to talk about how big they are its just so frustrating. I feel like I’m such a nice caring person and cute and honest and I never get anywhere! Why is that? Where are all the good guys? and when guys ask you if your single and you say yes they sometimes find that shocking, what like im supposed to be dating and if im not then im irrelevant? why must people always be in a relationship i feel so weird that ive never been in one people tell me im pretty but all the guys i meet are jerks im not going to be with just anyone it takes a lot to be in a relationship and some people like being single but not me, im just sick of guys not using their heads wow i put a lot out there im just soo mad I have the worst luck ever and I’m so mad about it I want to know why!


im so sorry to hear your having guy troubles as well =[ if it makes you feel any better im along the same boat…. the one guy who is perfect in all respects is stationed in another state and told me he doesnt want me waiting around for him.. so what do i do? i date other guys to prove to him that im not waiting around but all these other guys are disgusting i tell them i dont want guys that just want one thing and care about you more than just hooking up and stuff and they all end up the same…. guys are pigs… i swear we should just kill them all hahaha. but being a virgin isnt something to be looked down upon. its good to know there are still some people out there with morals in todays society…. more power to you!

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