Do you think the outcome of celebrity apprentice was fair?


Ok so we know Joan Rivers won Celebrity Apprentice, but lets be honest and really fair; Annie played the game much better. She was superb.

Joan wan based on her popularity, and others not wanting to stand up and tell the truth (not wanting to offend her).

Honestly, this was about raising $$$ for charity. Annie raised 4 times as much money as Joan and the only reason she didn’t win all 5 out of 5 categories was because the assistant (designer/decorator) quit because of Joan’s nasty attitude.

Joan had extra time to gather up a team to help her decorate, whereas in all fairness Annie didn’t find out until the last minute.

As well I thought it was totally wrong that Annie was nice enough to select Dennis Rodman to be on her team and then when Donald Trump asked Dennis who should win he said Joan. Wow talk about a low blow? That was totally wrong. As well I felt bad that Annie chose Tom Greene to be on her team, who basically sabotaged her by playing so many mind games during the final challenge. He seemed to get bothered by small things and was more of a handicap to Annie than anything.

Lastly, I truly believe Donald Trump «caved in» to «peer pressure» basing his decision on a «popularity contest» instead of a competition that Annie so obviously won. I lost some respect for him on that level.


***I agree with you totally. I also feel that Trump was a hypocrite in that he just sat there letting Joan and Melissa spout off about the designer issue, without calling Joan on her LIES. He would not let Annie get in a word edgewise. We all know that he knew during editing and before the finale what was the truth and yet all he cares about are ratings. HOW SAD !!! I was so disappointed in the attacks on Annie’s character by the Rivers and Trump seemed to dismiss it at every turn, but called Annie on hers when she was only trying to protect herself. Most of the promotions for the show almost spelled it out that Trump was picking Joan from the get-go.

After watching the show from last season where Piers did outshine Trace in raising more money and won, it should have been Annie the winner this year, because she outshone Rivers in money-raising and more likely would have won with more criteria in the final challenge, but for the sabotage with the designers.


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