Am i bi-sexual or something?? Does she loves me?


Okay,Since i was little..i have always have been scared of boys after watching movies and stuff like that.Like raping girls,sexually assaulting,and things like that.and my dad is very protective.When i was little..he sometimes keeps me away from boys..Barely does it now..(i am 13 years old && in 7th grade).So around 10 or 11 years old..My third oldest sister will say this guy cute and such and such.(like celebrities or people i have seen around).and i don’t have the same opinion..i am like eh? hes okay..But who knows?? Maybe we just don’t have the same taste..So one day..This guy asks me..Do i wanna go out with him??..Soon as he said..crazy images starts going through my head..and i said No..Wow,So he keeps begging me and begging me..until i just walk back in the house..and slams the door..Another day..So my neighbor three houses down..(hes a guy) Comes down the street to play games with me..Did that sound right? lol anyways The ball suddenly goes another direction..and his brother stops me by grabbing me..and holds me down..and neighbor comes over and kisses me..I was so freaking embarrassed and disgusted..I sister,her friend,and other people seen it happend..I was soo freaking mad that i tried to run them over with the bike..As i ran in the house..i washed my face with everything i could find..Thinking i had some kind of disease..and everyones like its not that serious..I thought…maybe its just..He wasnt too good looking to kiss me..Chubby,and fat..Not my type..So..11-12 years old (6th grade)..Dudes at school were always hitting on me..but i always ignored them..until one day..I started liking this guy in my class..&& i accidentally told everyone by making sure they DIDN’T know..Soo..My «so called-use to be bestfriend» tells me to ask him out..i did on..He told me i was very ugly and he didnt want me..But it was more like a rumor that i heard..When i ask him..its a whole another story..So..yeah..yeah..He lives around the corner from me..We hooks up..Maybe A week or two before school is over..He dumps me..without telling me..Since then..i did everything to get him back..nothing worked..i gave up..From that point..i hated dudes..and just was scared to hook up with any boy..So starting my 7th grade year..Im being asked to go out with and i’m saying no or ex-boyfriend has gotten lame and no one really likes him..hahaha stupid idiot..Well beginning of school..i have met a new person..This time..its a girl :O..So she asks me how to reduce fraction or something and i showed her and she took my advice and said thanks,and i smiled..every since then i wanted to be her bestfriend or there was just something really special about her :)) At p.e.,She will always rub my hair..i mean ALWAYS..Everyone was like «girl,get out of her hair»..But i i liked it 🙂 In class,She will like touch me or pat me on the head or something really weird..Is she feeling me?? or am i tripping?? Jesus..So like December..She suddenly starts saying Hey to me and asking me for paper and pencils..and even asks me to take a picture with her 😀 She made me feel really special until those damnn..Mondays,Tuesdays,and Fridays..She ignores the hell out me and leaves me hanging 😦 Maybe you will say im the weird one,but i have even cried over things like that happening..i mean,its like i needed her to breath..I couldnt believe it!..Beginning of January..I’m fallen in love..with the same gender!!..Shes now giving me..Signs—maybe??..Like..Let’s and her..never really had a real conversation before..NEVER..So what would you do?? In class,who would you sit by?? Your goons (friends) or someone barely talks you..Well..She sat by me..and im like huh?? this a sign she wants to be my friend??..So she does kind of the same thing at lunch..Before..she didnt really want to sit by me..for some «odd» reason..Now..She LOVES sitting by me or near me..She use to go up and get her lunch..i dont eat school lunch..soo i just sit down at the table..suddenly she does the same..One day,my mom comes to picks me up and left her keys in the cars..So we went in the office and my mom went and used the phone while i’m sitting in the chair..watching kids going home..I see her..i starts blushing..She looks at me..well stares until she gets to the door..Im like oh well she gone home :[..Later on,She comes back in the gym..??..Her house is just on the side of the school..soo why will she still be there?? i’m thinking..maybe she just going to get some ice cream..since they sell ice cream at my school..Ok,she comes out and leave..and comes back..?? i’m thinking she left her book-bag or something..she leaves out..and comes back in..soo now i’m like seriously what the heck? Shes just walking,playing with the kids in the gym and there like not even sitting down..(it was only a few) So my mom goes outside to check and see if the person to help is out there..and she walks behind her for some reason..and my mom comes back and


Well maybe you’re not bi-sexual. Maybe you’re only attracted to that girl, and no other girls. You’ll understand what I mean if you watch the movie — «Lost And Delirious» =)

Maybe you just have strong feeling for her. Try getting close with her, as in become really good friends. That should help. =) Talk to her.


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