Has this ever happened to you at the doctor’s office? (long)?


I had an appointment scheduled yesterday with my physician for an OB check. My appointment was at 3:15 and I arrived at 3:00. I checked in and was told, rudely, to go upstairs to have my blood drawn for a CBC and collect a urine sample for my urine screen prior to checking in for my appointment, I have been going there for years and I have always registered at my appointment prior to lab as that is the way it works. So I did this, which took all of 5 minutes and came back down and stopped at the front desk again to check in for my doctor’s appointment. The same receptionist looked at me and said «What do you need?» and I said I was checking in fo rmy appointment. She again, asked for my name (like she couldn’t remember from 5 minutes ago!) and when I gave it to her she said, «You checked in already so go sit down, they will be with you soon.» Wow, rude. So I did and when 4:00 rolled around I approached her desk and told her that I could not wait any longer. I had to pick my kids up from my SIL’s as she had an event at 5 and it’s a 40 miute drive home from the doctor’s office. She again, asked me for my name. I gave it to her and then she said, «Well make sure you call us back right away so we can reschedule this appointment.» As I was walking out she yelled…»Which Doc are you seeing?» I turned around and told her my physician’s name and she replied with, «It’s going to be very hard to reschedule this appointment so you better just stay, it’s probably only going to be another 15-20 minutes before they call you back!» and I just walked out. How rude!

I have worked as a nurse in a doctor’s office and it’s just common curtousy to let the patient’s know the doctor is running behind by X amount of time in case they have something that will keep them from waiting. Nobody mentioned this to me at all during my many visits to the front desk! When I got home there was a message from someone that was left at 4:15 saying that the doctor was running behind and that I should call her back.

Has this ever happened to you?


Geeze what a scrooge! My OB’s office is nice, although the receptionists aren’t the brightest crayons in the box lol! I think you should still complain, whether to the office manager or directly to your doctor.


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