Spiritually speaking……………..?


What would be your reply to such an insightful email as this?

Hello Spitfire (lorienstar1989),

You have received a message from another user!

From: pissoff

Subject: hahaha

Message: wow, professing yourself wise

u become a fool

God, who is love, gave man dominion and free will over this planet

if he stepped in and changed everything for the garden of eden again, then he never really gave mankind dominion.

its like your own children, if you truly gave them trust over a car you owned but all the time, never let em drive it for fear they wrecked it you never really gave them trust over the car.

God, hates evil but he gave men a free will

they sold out to satan thru temptation, now evil came into the world. Also, a lot of evil can be seen influenced by satan and his demons really and truly mankind’s free will has been the real culprit for years.

racism, hatred, rape, murder, extortion, all free choices man has made to hurt others.

look at your own life. Why is it compelling to make fun of the awkward fat girl or boy in grade school?

isn’t that evil? Just as evil as persecuting one for the color of skin?

yet so many people do it

why free will

God gave man this free will

trust God

he is the truth and will give life

he offers hope to this place


offers nothing

Usually, when I recieve mail, it’s people hitting on me. But this, this is just hilarious. I thought I would share, and ask my fellow R&S regulars, what would be your answer?


I’d answer like this…

«No, you don’t magically become a fool after professing yourself wise—you were a fool before you spoke such shameless self-promoting vanity. I apologize that you disagree with my assessment of God, I don’t believe he’s real because I’ve never seen a single instance of evidence in favor of him—moreover, the universe can be explained far better without him.

Your God, from everything I’ve read is not «good» or «love» From everything I’ve read, I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s a dick. He commits genocide over homosexual lusting after angels. And apparently five infants born in Sodom weren’t righteous enough to warrant saving. How many evil infants have you met?

All of these evil things you mention are a major part of your religion..you know what, it’s pointless to answer most of these ridiculous points

Free will exists as God made it, he could have created it differently—unless you suppose that the world God made, with the rules he made—is the only world possible to make. Illustrate your narrowmindedness. Imagine if we were asexual beings of energy, we wouldn’t be capable of rape or murder, and we’d be immortal. We wouldn’t consume apples, so we’d never have committed original sin, but we could still have free will within our considerable means—means we don’t have now. Your entire argument hinges on the fact that this universe can’t exist in any other way. That weakens your God, and nullifies the Bible.


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