What are some creative ideas for…?


…being sexy?

I went to my boyfriends house last night in this fierce one piece black lace teddy with cute stilleto’s and only a long trech coat jacket. It was a total surprise to him. I stood in front of him as he was sitting in his chair at the computer and he looked up at me feeling on my waist. He was like «take your jacket off» and I told him I wanted him to do it so he did. He noticed I only had on the skimpy black teddy and he was thrilled. I’m sure I do not need to disclose what happened next.

I am looking for something else fun and risk-a to do for him that will wow him and blow his mind. Please share with me your ideas.

Don’t be shy and thanks a lot for all of your suggestions.


Well, I can only speak for myself here, but as a guy, I enjoy anything that is spontaneous, you know?

Like, «I need this NOW!» kind of thing..

Appeals more to the animal instinct in all of us..


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