Why is my mom like this?


Whenever I call her, she’s like, «HELLOOO!» And makes little baby noises and whenever i say something, she like laughs hysterically and acts like a little kid. And when we had a really big fight in the morning, mostly about her being so… not aware of any situation (???), when she picks me up from school at the end of the day, she’ll be like waving like a crazy person and smiling all big and yelling my name, all happy. And when i ask her remember our fight this morning? And why are you acting all happy out of no where? We left things on a bad note, she doesn’t get it, and keeps acting happy. I think she forgot about the fight already. Basically, wow she is very, very stupid i think. Like, in the brain or something. Why can’t she act like a normal person and when we have a big fight, at least respect me enough to be a little careful next time we talk. She goes into, IM HAPPY NOW SO ILL FORGET EVERYTHING JUST BE HAPPY. i hate being home she doesn’t understand anything.


your mom might be trying to act how she thinks she might like you. you know those kind of moms who try to be «cool moms»? well maybe she trying something like that, or even trying to be funny. maybe she’s thinking that if she acts happy, then maybe you will be happy too. she probably thinks that making baby sounds on the phone is funny. just remember there is a large generation gap, so you both have a different sense of humor.

of course she doesn’t forget your fights, but she’s a lot more mature than you and she gets over it. because you’re her daughter, she knows you’re still young and get angry easily, so when you fight she knows it’s not a big deal.

if it’s bothering you so much, then you need to TELL HER HOW YOU FEEL. i know it will be difficult, if you don’t want to hurt her feelings. but in the long run, it will be better. so next time she’s doing something that annoys you, just tell her «mom, could you not do that?»


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