Haha wow some people can’t take a disagreement?


Grungemania this is for you lol learn to take other peoples side of the arguement instead of blocking them like a wimp

make this a rock question though

what’s your favorite guitar?


You’re still so wrong.

TD me if you want.

but I think you need to accept the fact you know nothing about music if you can’t accept the fact that Metal is a sub-genre of Rock. And the Blue’s and Jazz came from the same genre (being of creole orgin)

Favorite Guitar-My Gibson Les Paul custom, Zakk Wylde edition.

steinberger’s are bad *** too

**I’m 16 in 2 months, and have been playing guitar since I was 4, and piano since I was 5.

don’t ever tell me I’m not musical or know nothing about music. You enforce you’re opinions on everyone else and act like no one else should have them.

you do realize there are more precursors to Metal than Black Sabbath right? because If i’m correct there are bands that came before Black Sabbath, like Blue cheer.

bite me.

****Hell yes you’re wrong! and just so you know. Black Sabbath and Steppenwolf and Blue Cheer are all from the late 60’s. 1968-for sabbath, 1967-steppenwolf and 1967-blue cheer.

but they sound distinctly close, just because older metal may or may not have been influenced by the blues (hell how do we know what they were influenced by, we weren’t the ones forming the band and listening to what they were) newer metal is the spur of Rock, the perception of Metallica and Judas Priest are different from say that of AIC and Anthrax.

I seriously didn’t know anthrax was «thrash» I just thought they were Rock. So you can see where variation occurs?

sorta like, Classic Rock and Psychedelic Rock?

****I have excellent hearing, haven’t you figured out yet, I never use tabs for guitar, I play buy ear 😉

but Anthrax does sound like rock. But what I’m saying is that Metallica and Judas Priest, have a different sound than Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, or Anthrax.

ugh I can’t think of a witty or terse comment besides «Don’t judge me» or «bite me» :/

: P I will not surrender!

*****No 2 bands sound the same, it’s just the style of playing and then you get the whole Sub sub sub sub sub sub sub sub sub genres of the original sub genre and or genre/

***I can find similarities between «hard rock» and Metal. But because each musician plays differently, but I think that Kirk Hammett and Dave Murray have extremely close styles.

**I was just saying their *style* was alike. Dave Murray is the better guitarist though. I like metallica but it’s sorta the kurt cobain complex. More recognition than deserved.

*nicee. Metallica is better known for drums and vocals than anything, and people idolize him instead.


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