Don’t you think God is so fascinating !!?


Here’s why I think so :

I am a Sikh ; So according to Sikhism , universes are created & destroyed again & again ; It astonishes me because God is like doing & watching all this drama relaxing himself ;

Its like he writes the scripts himself , He is the director , producer , etc & then enjoys himself watching the drama unfolds itself before him ;

He rejoices over his own script coming into action ;

He rejoices at the actors ( we humans ) & you would be surprised to know that our entire lives summed up is only of a few micro seconds in that drama ;

As I said , he relaxes, he rejoices ;As he wills he starts a drama & when he wills he end it ;

Again , when he will he starts a new drama ( universe );

Wow , man , This has really astonished me !!??

What are your views ??


You are absolutely right. I am also a sikh. I am trying to justify your concept on the basis of some Hymns(Shabad) from Sri Guru Granth Sahib, decribing his image power and personality.(though He is one’s beyond imagination)

This Shabad is by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Gauree on Pannaa 285

bisaman bisam bheae bisamaadh ||

Gazing upon His wondrous wonder, I am wonder-struck and amazed!

jin boojhiaa this aaeiaa svaadh ||

One who realizes this, comes to taste this state of joy.

This Shabad is by Bhatt Gayandh in Svaiyay Mehl 5 on Pannaa 1403

vaahu vaahu kaa baddaa thamaasaa ||

Waaho! Waaho! Great! Great is the Play of God!

aapae hasai aap hee chithavai aapae cha(n)dh soor paragaasaa ||

He Himself laughs, and He Himself thinks; He Himself illumines the sun and the moon.

aapae jal aapae thhal thha(n)mhan aapae keeaa ghatt ghatt baasaa ||

He Himself is the water, He Himself is the earth and its support. He Himself abides in each and every heart.

aapae nar aapae fun naaree aapae saar aap hee paasaa ||

He Himself is male, and He Himself is female; He Himself is the chessman, and He Himself is the board.

guramukh sa(n)gath sabhai bichaarahu vaahu vaahu kaa baddaa thamaasaa ||2||12||

As Gurmukh, join the Sangat, and consider all this: Waaho! Waaho! Great! Great is the Play of God! ||2||12||

We are not capable to know his activities, since we have been created by him, how can a created can know about his creater? As said:-

This shabad is at page 284 of SGGS by 5 Guru in Gauri Raag.

karathae kee mith n jaanai keeaa ||

The created cannot know the extent of the Creator.

naanak jo this bhaavai so varatheeaa ||7||

O Nanak, whatever pleases Him comes to pass. ||7||

Only the God and a true Guru know His activities as said:-

karathae kee mith karathaa jaanai kai jaanai gur sooraa ||3||

Only the Creator Himself knows His own extent; or knows the Brave Guru. ||3|| (Guru Nanak Dev Ji Raag Raamkalee 930).

This sequence can not come to an end. He is so great that can not be measured by any means as said.

This Shabad is by Guru Amar Daas Ji in Raag Bihaagraa on Pannaa 555

salok ma 3 ||

Salok, Third Mehla:

raam raam karathaa sabh jag firai raam n paaeiaa jaae ||

The entire world roams around, chanting, «»Raam, Raam, Lord, Lord»», but the Lord cannot be obtained like this.

agam agochar ath vaddaa athul n thuliaa jaae ||

He is inaccessible, unfathomable and so very great; He is unweighable, and cannot be weighed.

keemath kinai n paaeeaa kithai n laeiaa jaae ||

No one can evaluate Him; He cannot be purchased at any price.

gur kai sabadh bhaedhiaa ein bidhh vasiaa man aae ||

Through the Word of the Guru’s Shabad, His mystery is known; in this way, He comes to dwell in the mind.

naanak aap amaeo hai gur kirapaa thae rehiaa samaae ||

O Nanak, He Himself is infinite; by Guru’s Grace, He is known to be permeating and pervading everywhere.

aapae miliaa mil rehiaa aapae miliaa aae ||1||

He Himself comes to blend, and having blended, remains blended. ||1||

SGGS and personal experience.

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