Does she like me or is she just playin.?


She seems interested.

She doesn’t answer my text after I told her I liked her.

She always looks at me in class.

She is my crush.

I like her a lot and I really want to know if she wants to get together or not.

In the last couple of days she has been looking at me in class like crazy. Kinda excited lol

But she doesn’t answer my text or talk to me in person, we used to text a lil until i told her how I felt. Then she was like O.O

but hey, if it doesn’t work out then there are more girls out there, and in highschool soon.

ALMOST FORGOT> the only time she EVER answered my text was about 1 1/2 weeks ago when I asked her if she was going to the dance. She was like yah.

I said oh I am going, who are you going with.

she said, oh i have a couple of people in mind. who are YOU going with?

I said myself.

She said Cmon there has to be some girl that you like that you can ask?

I was like wow, did she really just say this after such a prolonged period of not texting me?

Long to read but thank you for the help. She is confusing like most young ladies. =)


well to be completely honest… it doesn’t sound like she’s that into you.. when a girl finds out that a guy likes her it just gives her an ego boost. and for some odd reason, when a guy likes us, even if we dont like him back we still want you to like us… which is why she messes with you and looks at you in class. if that makes any sense lol…… anyways, it would be in your best interest to move on and don’t let her mess with your head anymore… you sound like your a great guy so you shouldn’t have any problems finding another girl who appreciates you. and btw… i think thats so cute that you are going to the dance with yourself =) lol

im a girl… we all pretty much think the same

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