Are all people this stupid?!?


i went to community college for my core classes, one day in sociology, idk how it came up but my professor pointed to a map and said «where is indonesia? here?» as she pointed to the philippines. no one knew the answer, as all of them had a confussed look on their face along side an idk shrug. the professor then went on to talk about china and its communism, but she looked hard for the nation and pointed to india. i had to speak out. i told her where it was and that she had been pointing to the wrong country both times. everyone was shocked. and some people told me «wow, you are really good at geography!» it wasn’t sarcasm, believe me…i’d been less vexed if it had have been sarcasm, but these students who were 19-55 were honostly amazed that i was such an »expert.» soon everyone was looking at maps (perhaps for the first time ever ) whenever she asked a question.

so today when i was watching the travel channel about indonesia i figured i’d ask my best friend if she knew where indonesia was. «it’s in the east i think.» i asked her to be more specific and she said «i think it’s in africa right? yeah..i’m pretty sure it’s in africa.»

this kind of stuff has been going on all my life (not just geography either) . :-/

i figure since i live in georgia there are a lot more ignorant people hanging out here, just wondering if it’s just this place or if it’s the whole USA, because if it is, I’ll go crazy. (keep in mind it’s not just my city, i’ve lived in other GA cities before and it’s pretty much the same if not worse, my town is supposedly the best in GA).


No, not everyone is stupid. I’m not the best at geography, but I certainly know where Indonesia is.

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